• Beth Publishing
    August 22, 2020 at 9:26 pm

    My husband and I recently moved from San Diego to Tucson. We needed to stay in temporary housing until we found our new home. Ironwood Vista offered the perfect spot.

    There were 4 features that made this temporary home (or vacation rental) so perfect:

    (1) It was well managed. Anytime we had a problem, question, or needed to make changes, Mark was there in support.
    (2) The architecture and interior design were perfect for Tucson. It was exciting to immediately connect with the southwest flavor. Furniture, accessories, and layout made our stay very comfortable and easy.
    (3) The kitchen was well stocked. We needed to stay for 3 months and this kitchen provided us with the necessary pots / pans and tools to keep up with our healthy diet
    (4) The best part…..this home sits next to an arroyo where all sorts of Sonoran desert critters would come, visit and share their beauty. We got to the point where we’d actually recognize some of the regular visitors – deer, coyote, javelina, bobcat, roadrunner, and all sorts of birds. It was like living inside the zoo!!!!!

    Truth is….if the home was for sale, we’d probably have made an offer. It was a wonderful experience and we miss it all – the magnificent pool, the lovely home, and the critters. We’ve never stayed in such a wonderful place!

  • Robert A Poole
    December 3, 2020 at 8:06 am

    My wife and wife stayed at Ironwood Vista for 6 weeks in the Fall of 2020.
    We thought this property was going to be a great place for us. However, we had no idea how wonderful it was going to be. This authentic Southwest style home has everything imaginable one could want. Although the house is listed at a little over 1700 sq. ft., it lives much, much larger than that. Each room has a beautiful patio off of it, and the wonderful pool area presents another area to completely enjoy. The grounds are covered with many cactus and plants unique to the area. We were fortunate with the weather and able to welcome the sunrise in each morning and remain outside and active throughout the day. The sunsets are amazing, whether it be from the patio or at nearby Gates Pass.
    This luxury property is ideal for privacy, seclusion, relaxation, and truly getting away from it all. Yet at the same time, the home is perfect for entertainment. In all honesty, we were hoping to find a nice place to ride out 6 weeks during this time of Covid. As it turned out, we found a home we hope to return to annually for many years to come.
    Additionally, Tucson has become an amazing city to bike and there are roughly 150 miles of groomed, flat bike trails surrounding the city. We were easily able to access these trails during our visit.
    Mark, who manages this property, is easy to reach and will spontaneously take care of any need there might be.
    The only concern we can write about was that we wish it had a third bedroom.
    We anxiously look forward to our next stay at at this property.
    Bob Poole
    Boston, MA

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