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How can we help? Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about our Tucson, AZ luxury vacation rental properties. 

  • Yes, we heat all our pools year round. 
  • Yes, if you were able to pick those date on our website that indicates those dates are available.
  • Atua Place | 13.4 miles / 25 minutes
  • Casa Coralina | 20.8 miles / 36 minutes
  • Happy Trail | 13.6 miles / 23 minutes
  • Hopdown | 13.2 miles / 21 minutes
  • Ironwood Vista | 5.8 miles / 12 minutes
  • Placita Del Pajaro | 15.5 miles / 37 minutes
  • The Ranch | 14 miles / 31 minutes
  • Atua Place | 30.1 miles / 50 minutes
  • Casa Coralina | 9.6 miles / 16 minutes
  • Happy Trail | 39 miles / 47 minutes
  • Hopdown | 38.6 miles / 50 minutes
  • Ironwood Vista | 31.2 miles / 41 minutes
  • Placita Del Pajaro | 18.5 miles / 33 minutes
  • The Ranch | 31.6 miles / 52 minutes
  • Atua Place| 23.5 miles / 34 minutes
  • Casa Coralina | 17.4 miles / 29 minutes
  • Happy Trail | 23.7 miles / 27 minutes
  • Hopdown | 23.3 miles / 30 minutes
  • Ironwood Vista | 15.9 miles / 21 minutes
  • Placita Del Pajaro | 15 miles / 31 minutes
  • The Ranch | 26.2 miles / 38 minutes
  • Atua Place | 23.1 miles / 44 minutes
  • Casa Coralina | 30 miles / 57 minutes
  • Happy Trail | 17.4 miles / 30 minutes
  • Hopdown | 20.4 miles / 39 minutes
  • Ironwood Vista | 10 miles / 20 minutes
  • Placita Del Pajaro | 27.9 miles / 55 minutes
  • The Ranch | 25.8 miles / 48 minutes

in Tucson, AZ and Rochester, MN

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Things to do in Tucson Arizona

  • Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
    This renowned combination zoo, natural history museum, botanical garden and art gallery reflects the diverse flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert, featuring wildlife such as coyotes, bears and mountain lions in their natural settings and two aviaries; one for hummingbirds and the other for varied desert birds. To get there, you will drive through beautiful Gates Pass and the Tucson Mountain Park – incredible saguaro views.
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  • Arizona State Museum
    The oldest anthropological museum in the region, the Arizona State Museum has been collecting and interpreting the cultures of the Southwest since 1893.
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  • Franklin Museum
    Featuring more than 20 antique and classic Franklin automobiles, as well as a collection of prehistoric artifacts collected by archaeologist Alice Carpenter.
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  • Museum of the Horse Soldier
    Explore the history of U.S. horse soldiers and theirroles in times of peace and conflict during the 18th – 21st centuries.
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  • Pima Air and Space Museum
    One of the world’s largest aircraft collections (350 aircraft), including three hangars of World War II planes, supersonic spy planes, the world’s smallest bi-plane, plus many other unique private, military and commercial air & spacecraft documenting the evolution of flight. Offers a bus tour of the “Boneyard”/Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (M-F only, no holidays, 10-day Advanced Reservations Required). 80 acres, six indoor air-cooled hangars.
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  • Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block
    Features permanent and traveling exhibitions of Modern and Contemporary, Native American, American West, Latin American, and Asian art. The main Museum, a contemporary architectural gem, has nearly 20,000 square feet of exhibition space and be sure to visit the Museum’s Historic Block of 19th and 20th Century adobe and Mission Revival-style buildings.
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  • Biosphere
    World’s largest living research center. It is a 3.14-acre structure originally built to be an artificial, materially closed ecological system. It remains the largest closed system ever created. Run by the University of Arizona, it was built to demonstrate the viability of closed ecological systems to support and maintain human life in outer space.
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  • Mission San Xavier Del Bac
    Built in the 1700s, this recently restored white adobe church, representing a wonderful example of Spanish colonial architecture, is beautiful inside and out, with colorful frescoes, sculptures and carvings. Guided tours in the morning.
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  • Old Tucson
    Near the Sonoran Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park West. Home to more than 400 films and commercial productions, Old Tucson remains the region’s premier film location. Features live action stunt shows, musicals and live entertainment, vintage rides. This is where John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor, and Steve Martin made well-known western-themed movies.
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  • Tubac
    Shopping, shopping and more shopping! From original sculptures, artwork, clothing and jewelry to folk art and souvenirs, you can find it all in Tubac in addition to great places to eat. Founded in 1752, Tubac is on the Santa Cruz River and is an “artist village.”
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  • Catalina State Park
    One of the few parks here that allow dogs (on leashes only).  Sits at the base of the majestic Santa Catalina Mountains. The park is a haven for desert plants and wildlife and nearly 5,000 saguaros, 5,500 acres of foothills, canyons and streams, and more than 150 species of birds call the park home.
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  • Sabino Canyon
    Take tram to top of canyon, walk back 3.7 miles to bottom or catch tram down to visitor’s center. Lots of nice, short hikes, beautiful streams and waterfalls. Total, round loop tram ride is 45 min.
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  • Saguaro National Park
    Saguaro National Park has two districts. The Rincon Mountain District is located to the East of Tucson Arizona and the Tucson Mountain District is located to the West of Tucson AZ.
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  • Tohono Chul
    It is a great place for breakfast or lunch, inside or outside among the plants and hummingbirds. The nature trail is informational and relaxing. The trails are easy and there are plenty of shaded seating areas to enjoy lengthy conversations in the beautiful manicured gardens. One of the best botanical gardens in the country.
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  • Tuscon Bike Trails
    Want to ride your bikes? View the many miles of Tuscon bike trails.
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  • Mt Lemmon Scenic Byway
    A beautiful drive to top of mountain (about 20 degrees cooler) with pullouts and a restaurant at the top of the mountain. Southernmost ski resort in the country.
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  • Rincon Mountain
    A scenic eight mile drive with pull outs, informative visitor center, ranger tours.
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  • Saguaro National Park (east and west)
    On the west side, the hike to the petroglyphs is a great hike. On the east side, the guided walk on the Freeman Homestead is very interesting. The loop drive on the east side offers enough places to leave the car for short walks into the landscape. Informative visitor centers and ranger hikes. West side has lots of saguaros and you can visit the Sonoran Desert Museum on the way/return. You will also drive through Gates Pass and the Tucson Mountain Park (beautiful views of saguaros).
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